Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Inflatable INF16

The 10th of July sees the premiere of two new inflatables INF16 and INF17 at the Chelsea Physic Garden in London as part of the exhibition Pertaining To Things Natural. The show runs until the end of October at a truly amazing venue. Given the botanical excellence of the specimens present it seemed fitting in some way to refer to them, if only generically.


The sculptures’ geometry and movement is partially defined by the elements, in particular the wind. Itself the result of differing air pressures due to the earth’s movement and the thermal consequences of the sun’s energy. INF16 and INF17’s otherworldly qualities are driven by these cosmic occurrences, whereas their underlying form is indicative of grow and growths; with buds of unknown origin or outcome seemingly coming to fruition. A struggle mirrored by the protrusions kinetic fighting and pulmonary inflation and deflation. Lurking in-between is a sexual dynamic, and a somewhat ambiguous male/female physiology; possibly tempered by the more erotic sensibility of their floral aspects. Yet, all flowers are sexual; and more to the point, most flowers are better than most sculptures!

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