Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Bridging the Gaps 3

Following a meeting with Dr Paul Kelly of the chemistry department at Loughborough University, some possible avenues of exploration have emerged with the potential to help enrich the ‘samey’ visual appearance of RP objects by applying a more dynamic surface to them. These include thermochromic paint, with a view to further developing my interest in chameleonic sculptures. Having the visual conduit in liquid form would make it applicable to any surface, thereby liberating me from the planar nature of the radiant Perspex used in the colour changing thermoformed sculptures completed to date. (see below)

A second project could entail populating the surface of rapid prototyped SLS sculptures with crystals. The idea being to counterbalance the ordered geometry of the RP form with the random arrangement of crystals, which in turn will be ‘perfect’. If the forms are capable of seeding crystals, then a coherent, stable and strong surface may form. However, who knows, a bit of a suck it and see experiment. The best kind really. A aqueous solution heavily saturated with copper sulphate may provide the first test.

Abby Patterson a doctoral student in the Design School, also kindly showed me the 3D scanner and some of her intriguing work with Grasshopper in Rhino. Hopefully, in due course I’ll be able to scan some of the foam and plaster studies; no doubt the foam squiggles will give it headache!